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After rebirth, big man, she exploded star a

After rebirth, big man, she exploded star a

After rebirth, big man, she exploded star a

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    After rebirth, big man, she exploded star a
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    Su jiaziqi
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[shuangwen + nvqiang + interstellar + ancient martial arts + system] in the last life, Mu Nanqiao experienced the end of the world, alien invasion, betrayed by lovers and friends, and died miserably after rebirth, she vowed to strive to cultivate martial arts, become a God as soon as possible, open the task system, dominate the whole universe, and let all those who bully, humiliate and hurt her pay back their blood but one year before the end of the world - when she finally became a martial god, the first task released to her by the system was: [please marry a man named Jian Mingyan, or kill him immediately.] Mu Nanqiao sneered: "don't you want me to dominate the universe? What's it like to find a man?" System: "Follow the old adage, start a family first and then start a career. Believe me, he is the strongest tool man for you to dominate the universe!" munanjiao:....... after marriage - munanjiao looks at the simple words on the bed and grits his teeth and says: isn't it a tool man? System: emmm... Tool men can also... Warm their beds... munanjiao:....... * * * Hostess: munanjiao (martial god and star Master) Male leader: Jian Mingyan (mysterious research leader) [for collection, comments, recommendation tickets, monthly tickets, red beans...] this book is also called "wife is the Lord of the stars"

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