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As evidenced by deed

As evidenced by deed

As evidenced by deed

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    As evidenced by deed
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    Good and water
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    Passion Novel
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2022-05-17 10:03:12
Don't ask the orange contract girl. I have a sword. Although it won't become bigger, smaller and more beautiful, there is a sword spirit living in it this makes me very afraid, because my parents both have a brother. How can I control the sword spirit without the system No, I'm the chosen one? It's bad luck to have five disadvantages and three deficiencies? Instead of waiting for him to kill me, I'd better start to sell him yujianxin: boy, you think too much. I'm just a sword, not a fierce sword! Just looking for an ordinary person to provide for the elderly. What are you afraid of? We have a contract as evidence. I can't eat your family back. The most is to count the money for you with a smile when you sell me (prequel is mainly about Adventure + brother and sister daily life, with a complete story chain, and the text is mainly about solving cases + unit drama.)

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