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Sleep with Wolves

Sleep with Wolves

Sleep with Wolves

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9689 ratings
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    Sleep with Wolves
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    Fu Jiu
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    Garden Novel
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2022-05-19 18:22:26
[the book has been signed and published] "have you read enough?" he asked lazily at the first meeting, she came out of the interrogation room and went into the wrong toilet. She saw something she shouldn't have seen but unexpectedly, he has been pestering her since then in the following accident, as a criminal psychologist, she temporarily sat in a wheelchair and had no choice but to recruit a small attendant looking at the applicant, she was always calm and slightly clenched her teeth... later, she was picky at work, and he followed with a smile and apology she asked coldly, "what's wrong with you?" Shen Yu smiled lazily: "that's right. You can't scold me yet?" Gu Yan: "your five elements are immoral!" Shen Yu: "I lack you in my life." * * where there is justice, there is holy land—— Bacon [the story of a criminal psychologist with amnesia and her capable and hidden big brother's little followers, one is very imperial and the other is very lustful, which stimulates absolute favor]

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