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I m your zombie powder

I m your zombie powder

I m your zombie powder

Rating: 9 / 10 from 49441 ratings
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    I m your zombie powder
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    Tree Jianyu
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    Apple novel
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2022-06-15 13:30:09
One day, Duan Feng suddenly received an application to add friends in his wechat. Duan Feng glanced at the other party's wechat nickname [I'm your zombie powder] and ignored it however, when Duan Feng woke up, when he turned on his mobile phone to check the class group news, he inadvertently found that [I am your zombie powder] has automatically added Duan Feng as a friend in order to prevent others from randomly adding themselves as friends, Duan Feng previously specifically set that when applying to add himself as a friend, he must pass his own verification and consent so how did [I'm your zombie powder] become Duan Feng's friend without Duan Feng's consent? What makes Duan Feng more puzzled is that Duan Feng repeatedly wants to delete Lahai [I'm your zombie powder], but he doesn't succeed. Is there a virus in your wechat to Duan Feng's surprise, since [I am your zombie powder] became Duan Feng's wechat friend, his life has become strange. He often feels that a pair of eyes are watching his every move. [I'm your zombie powder] who is it, why is it interested in Duan Feng, and why is it familiar with Duan Feng's one-day experience?

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