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Record of different investigation

Record of different investigation

Record of different investigation

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    Record of different investigation
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    Luo Linlang
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-05-08 04:01:19
Young detective yuan Muye was able to see things that others could not see when he was young. He was regarded as an ominous person by his family, relatives and friends. He also felt very painful for this. In his sophomore year, Yuan Muye met Dr. Lin Sen, a well-known neuroscience professor at home and abroad in an extracurricular activity through experiments, he proved that Yuan Muye's brain waves are different from ordinary people and can produce a unique thinking atmosphere. Therefore, he can read the magnetic field information left by the "deceased". Yuan Muye, who thought he could change his life, returned to his previous life again for various reasons< After joining br>, he broke up a suspect because of his abilities, but he was forced to leave because of a mistake. Later, Lin Miao, the son of the late Dr. Linsen, found him and hoped that he could join the "scientific experiment group" he had just established so that Yuan Muye's talents could be made full use of a group of young people with powers hide in an old building of the thirties of the last century. They work together to solve strange cases and involve the sad truth behind the cases... Yuan Muye and his partners will clear the fog and peep into the truth all the characters, places, shops and storylines in the novel are purely fictional. If there are similarities, they are purely coincidental.

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