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Look, female celestial master

Look, female celestial master

Look, female celestial master

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    Look, female celestial master
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2022-07-10 20:59:10
Mao Shiqi, who was brought up in Maoshan since childhood, has excellent roots and talents. However, this annoying martial nephew huozhengnan always jokes that she is a man's mother-in-law. Let's make jokes. Who says that a man's mother-in-law can't be an excellent Heavenly Master? If she hadn't been looking for the peach wood sword, she wouldn't have gone down the mountain with this annoying huozhengnan, nor would she have bumped into a fox demon or seen a fierce ghost, let alone passed through time and space under the action of that strange copper mirror, and was almost shot as a thief... It was a blessing in disguise that she finally met the most important person in this life. However, she was fated and faced the test of life and death. I thought this was another merciless torture from heaven, but looking back, it turned out that there was a providence in everything

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