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Quick wear drama essence self rescue manual

Quick wear drama essence self rescue manual

Quick wear drama essence self rescue manual

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    Quick wear drama essence self rescue manual
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    Nan Qing
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    Daily Novel
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2022-07-03 01:59:02
[drama essence self rescue manual: the female leader Lian Yuqi can be sweet, but salt, narcissistic and not artificial. There is a man in this article! The female leader himself is not open! The female leader is lazy and hates trouble] the lack of memory, the distortion of time and space, can't go back to the past, the broken soul, pile by pile, scene by scene, the moment Lian Yuqi wanted to think she was careless and could be integrated into fragments, she was her. Heartlessness does not mean ruthlessness. Is she the same person at each time point as she at this time point? Who is looking for her? Why did she flinch when she was close to the truth? Isn't it just acting? Why do you have to cheat her? Open her heart. It turns out that even she can't see clearly. Lori was finally Lori, just... Cut off her favorite double ponytail. The beauty is still the beauty in the end, but... The beauty is not exhausted, and her childe is no longer with her. The gardener is still the gardener in the end, but... No one buys her flowers anymore. The house girl is still the house girl in the end, but... No one will enjoy the starry sky with her. The saint is still the saint in the end, but... The knight is not here, but the sword and rose are with her... she wanted to indulge in it, but the memory became clearer and clearer, the soul merged, the truth surfaced, and the words were no longer written but... the story is not finished

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