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Eschatological Rebirth: villains are forced to whitewash

Eschatological Rebirth: villains are forced to whitewash

Eschatological Rebirth: villains are forced to whitewash

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    Eschatological Rebirth: villains are forced to whitewash
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    A girl who likes to eat cantaloupe
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    Free Trial Novel
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[battle angel who wants to be a waste] vs [Gao Lengzhi officer, the last defense line of mankind] after rebirth, Shi Yan set three small goals for himself 1, stay away from zombies 2, live well 3. Don't annoy Gu Lin City Shi Yan put away his long knife, stepped over a corpse, looked at the horizon, and his crimson lips were deeply sunk: "it's easy to be a civilian." commander Gu looked at the civilians entering the city with his own password, and his eyes were cold: "illegal entry, arrest." - Shi Yan decided to make friends with the youngest and coldest major general of the Empire, so as to achieve the first two small goals it's just that things seem to be going in a strange direction one day, Gu Lincheng looked straight at a colonel's drooling dinner. When her thin white fingers wanted to do something, she tilted her head slightly within three seconds, the colonel was called away Shi Yan looked at the man who came in, licked the tiger's teeth and smiled: "let me come to the front line to maintain stability. I have to have some fun." GU Lincheng is uncertain: "abide by military regulations." "you can't make money, fight or soak up children. What do you say is compliance?" "... You can soak me." Shi Yan: - one sentence introduction: [if you are familiar with death, you will love tomorrow]

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