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Tomorrow s mountains

Tomorrow s mountains

Tomorrow s mountains

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    Tomorrow s mountains
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    Atrium tree
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    Bestair novel
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2022-01-19 05:07:18
Wei Ran, who was born in an ordinary family, entered the imperial search General Administration as he wished. I thought I would be a grass-roots unit all my life, investigate cases, eat and die unexpectedly, she was attracted by the ill intentioned beauty boss and became a male secret, so she entered the treacherous power center of the Empire in the court, nobles and royal families competed for power in full swing, but the hierarchical contradiction between awakened and non awakened became more and more intense I thought it was simple right and wrong to resist the invasion of foreign enemies, but how did the three gods who should have been annihilated in history tease the fate of mankind which side should the royal family, aristocrats, civilians and Wei Ran stand which of the three ancient gods can finally regain their power?

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