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Sin under the plush ball

Sin under the plush ball

Sin under the plush ball

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9818 ratings
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    Sin under the plush ball
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    Oriental lobster
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    Free Novel!
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A murder occurred in the financial street of Qiushui city. The victim was a senior executive of a technology company. His death was strange, surrounded by colorful Plush balls. Is it an accident, love or revenge? Yan Mingze, the captain of the criminal investigation team, was ordered to take over the hot potato. With the deepening of the investigation, the case has become more and more complicated. However, another old case five years ago has surfaced. What do the families of the victims want to hide? What does the plush ball around the body mean? The drinkers and dancers at the dinner party, as well as the female returnees of unknown origin, seem to have their own small abacus the messenger of justice is looking for the truth, but "are people only willing to call what they believe the truth?"

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